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The People of Cheatham County

Cheatham County's current population is about 42,0000 people. Those who live near the proposed TVA methane gas plant to be built on 286 acres on Lockertsville Rd. will not be the only ones affected.  The pipeline would extend from Marrowbone Rd., through private properties, cross HWY 49, through more private properties, and eventually stop at the plant site on Lockertsville Rd. TVA is not sharing the fact that some residents will eventually lose their homes. Many others may lose their land rights. Thousands will be affected by noise pollution, air quality, water safety, and potential life-endangering events.


Please watch the videos below to hear the stories of real people who love Cheatham County and their rural way of life.  We'll be adding stories in the weeks and months ahead.  SAY NO TO TVA!

Hank Batts - Oakdale Farm
Lockertsville Rd.

Hank's family has lived on what was known as the Will Smith Farm since the early 1800s. Members of eight generations of the family are buried in the Will Smith Cemetery on Lockertsville Rd., including Hank's recently departed father, H.F. Batts, who was well-loved by the community.  The farm and the cemetery are located less than a half a mile from the proposed TVA methane gas plant, which would destroy the family's way of life, their peace, and their safety.

Hank makes no apologies for the love he has for the land in Cheatham County. He's called the Flip Flop Farmer, and he likes to share his his thoughts through his writing.

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