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Why We Fight

Unelected bureaucrats, backed by the power of eminent domain, want to drop a 900-megawatt methane gas plant and pipeline in the middle of Cheatham County.

TVA Purchased 285 Acres of Land on Lockertsville Rd. In Cheatham County on 9/2/2020

From a distance, a TVA methane gas pipeline and plant look innocuous.  The information on the TVA website about methane gas makes construction and use seem as harmless as a theme park. The reality and evidence prove otherwise.


  • TVA will destroy the peace and serenity in Cheatham County from Marrowbone Rd. to Lockertsville Rd. as construction begins to widen roads and bridges to lay pipelines and build a power plant.  

  • While TVA touts the "safety" of methane gas, the Hickman County plant managed by Kinder Morgan, the same company that would manage the Cheatham County plant, experienced equipment failure that caused a gas explosion on August 18, 2023, which forced the evacuation of residents in a 1-mile radius. One employee was injured in the blast and later died.

  • There are 5 schools within 5 miles of the proposed plant, and two schools approximately two miles from the plant; the proposed pipeline could run even closer to our children’s schools.

  • The plant site will also include 10.5 acres of Lithium battery storage system. Batteries can cause fires and explosions due to overload and operating conditions; batteries can rupture from impact and be overcharged, all of which can cause exposure to hazardous chemicals.

  • The site is just a few hundred yards uphill from Sycamore Creek and the drinking water intake for the town of Pleasant View. TVA may attempt to use Sycamore Creek’s water as a cooling agent in its processes and return the water to the creek. The temperature of the water will be warmer than when it is taken, leaving the existence of wildlife in the creek to chance.

  • As the 900-megawatt plant is placed into production, the noise level of in-use turbines will greatly concern those surrounding the property. 

  • Property values plummeted for those near the proposed plant site with just the news of a "proposed" methane gas pipeline and plant project.  Historically, other similar TVA sites have resulted in tremendous loss of property values.

  • Wildlife, waterways, private property, and possible Indian burial grounds will be disturbed and displaced.

Without our consent, TVA is making decisions that negatively impact the people of Cheatham County, while we - not TVA - bear the consequences.

A 900-megawatt methane gas plant and pipeline

do not belong in Cheatham County!

An Example of a TVA Methane Gas Plant - Much Smaller Than a 900-Megawatt Plant


The Plant and Proposed Pipeline Route Through Cheatham County


TVA Artist Rendering of the Proposed Gas Plant Site
We have included references to Lockertsville
Rd. and Macon Wall Rd. within the inset.
Notice that no homes or farms are highlighted within this rendering -- only trees.

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